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Shivranjini is a Founding Member of VSS Canadian Immigration and is familiar with the complexities of immigration. It is her passion to help clients find solutions to make Canada their home.

Regardless of the circumstances or complications, she is driven to help her clients achieve their immigration goals. She makes sure that clients are well-equipped to make informed decisions. Her practice is a privilege for her, and she has the best interests of immigration clients at heart. As an RCIC, her highlight is helping clients tell their stories and make meaningful changes to their lives.

Shivranjini is fluent in English, Hindi and Punjabi, and would be more than happy to assist in the client’s preferred language.

Shivranjini RCIC (R709555) | Verify Status with CICC

CAPIP MEMBERSHIP (R2118925) | Verify Status with CAPIC 





Why hire us?

Competent and well-trained

To obtain our professional designations, we have gone through extensive education and training. Professional regulators require us to maintain Continuous professional development to ensure that we are up-to-date and aware of the numerous new developments in immigration law. The immigration and citizenship systems have become increasingly complex, and regulations often change with little public notice. We’ve seen how minor mistakes can unnecessarily slow down an application process or threaten someone’s or their family’s immigration status. With our training, we are able to help clients navigate through the complex processes and ultimately provide them with a sense of comfort and peace of mind during the process.


We are approachable. You are welcome to contact us on a confidential basis to discuss your immigration concerns. We will be there on each and every step of your immigration process, you will never feel abandoned or ignored. My goal is to establish quick and effective communication to avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety.