Restoration of status

Is your temporary resident visa expired? Did you forget to extend your status before its expiry date?

If your answer is YES, then you have breached the condition of your visa. We can help you fix this problem by your visa if you are not out of status for more than 90 consecutive days.


The applicant must –

Apply within 90 days of having lost their status.

Meet the initial requirements for their stay.

Remain in Canada until a decision is made.


A temporary resident with a study permit who loses their status can apply for restoration inside Canada. They may also apply and pay for a work permit if they meet the requirements of the program.


Temporary resident permit (TRP) holders whose permits have expired are not eligible for restoration. New permits must be applied for.


Visitors who are out of status may apply to regain their status as temporary residents. Temporary residents who have regained their temporary resident status may apply in Canada for a work permit or study permit. A study or work permit fee must be paid in addition to the restoration fee unless it is exempt.


In Canada, temporary residents who lost their status after losing their work permit can apply for the restoration of their status and authorization to work within 90 days of losing their status. In addition to applying for restoration and a new work permit, applicants may also apply for a study permit if they meet the requirements.