Self-employed person

A person who is admitted to Canada because they have relevant experience working for themselves. Applicants must intend to become self-employed in the arts or athletics in Canada.

International self-employed personnel, professional athletes, or individuals in the arts and culture industries who demonstrate the potential to achieve gainful self-employment in Canada are eligible for a business immigration visa, if they meet the Federal Self-Employed Persons Program’s eligibility requirements.

Federal Self-Employed Program Requirements

Applicants must have worked in their industry for at least two years within the five years preceding their business immigration application. Individuals in the arts and culture industry and professional athletes must either provide proof of:  

Two years of self-employment within their industry, or

Two years of participation at a world-class level within the domain, or

The combination of each of the above.

Applicants for the Federal Self-Employed Program must intend to settle in any Canadian province or territory with the exception of Quebec, which has its own self-employed immigration program.